sample unit of elevator industry

Traction elevators

  • Traction elevators with gearbox motor systems (Geared traction elevators)
  • Traction elevators with electric motor systems (Gearless traction elevators)
  •  Gearless traction machine room-less elevators

Hydraulic elevators

  • Hydraulic elevators with direct bottom jacks
  • Hydraulic elevators with direct side jacks
  • Hydraulic elevators with indirect  jacks


The use of escalators as a device for facilitating movement between consequent stories has a history of around 60 years in Iran. The need for the use of escalators is becoming increasingly evident along with the expansion of mass production and design and construction of huge and high-rise offices and commercial buildings such as chain stores.

The high traffic volume transferrable, easy connection to to different stories, lower energy consumption, and capability of moving furniture and cargo are among the undeniable benefits of escalators and moving sidewalks.


Moving walk

Behsaz Sanaat Hegmataneh moving sidewalks are manufactured using parts from the most well-known brands of this field such as Fuji Tech, Sjec, Thyssen-Krupp, Canny, Xinda, etc. and are offered in angles ranging from 0 to 12 degrees.


Mechanized puzzle parking

Mechanized puzzle parking is a way of providing smart parking space and is mainly used in residential areas that have the required spaces for the execution of this type of parking space.

The company also offers other types of mechanized parking spaces such as rotatory parking spaces and tower parking spaces which are available in the form of mass production or custom made per the esteemed clients’ and real estate developers’ provision.


Service and maintenance

Maintenance of elevators is one of the tasks that is very important to maintain the safety of elevators. Behsaz Sanaat Hegmataneh Company with several years of experience in providing quality services in this field has been able to attract the satisfaction and trust of its customers.

Behsaz Sanaat Hegmataneh

Behsaz Sanaat Hegmataneh Technical and Engineering Company offers you this confidence and peace. In Behsaz Sanaat, people are our most valuable and important assets. Our pride and proude is that in order to optimally meet the needs of our employers, We are working and trying day and night.

Behsaz Sanaat Hegmataneh Technical and Engineering Company is a leader in the elevator and escalator industry because it anticipates your need for tomorrow and finds a way to meet it. The key to our success is meeting the challenge of customers’ needs by benefiting from talented personnel. Active, innovative, energetic and persistent.

People move with complete peace and tranquility and at the lowest possible cost, this is the gift that Behsaz Sanat Hegmataneh Company gives you

بهساز صنعت هگمتانه


بهساز صنعت هگمتانه


Certificate of appreciation of Farhangian Fasa Housing Cooperative Company
Certificate of appreciation of Fars Test Company
Certificate of appreciation from Iran Engineering Inspection Company